ann scott

Hi, I'm Annie. I believe that Librarians empower communities. And I love empowering Librarians.

ann scott's Bio:

Ann is the 9th Executive Director of the historic Nantucket Atheneum and was the unanimous choice of the Atheneum's board following a nationwide search. She also served as Executive Director for the innovative Basalt Regional Library in western Colorado and served many roles including Interim Director in a Tampa Bay Florida Library that won the 1st FLA Library of the Year Award. This was due to it exemplary programming when Ann was the Head of Programming and Outreach. Ann has a passion for library programming and services that are particularly empowering and relevant to their specific communities. This passion has led to the formation of a Library micro-farmers market in a nutritionally poor community, English language learning programs, diversification of staff, and cultural programming that offers all community members opportunity for creative inspiration and enrichment. Ann believes that libraries are the cornerstone of democracy, leveling the playing field for access to information, fostering an inspired workforce and an informed electorate.For almost twenty years, she has led libraries to excellence, as Programs Director, Outreach and Marketing Director, Assistant Director of leadership staff and hundred of volunteers and Executive Director.. On the island of Nantucket, she oversees all aspects of the Atheneum, which include the curation and circulation of books and media for children, teens and adults; stewarding the archival collection of historic artifacts; caring for the regal 1847 building and garden, and delivering more than 1,300 programs a year to both seasonal and year round members.

ann scott's Interests & Activities:

Readers and Reading, Jazz, Roots Music, Musicians, Singers, Songwriters, Podcasts, Writing, Dance, Hiking, Cycling, Running, Yoga, Meditation, Community building events and forums, Visual arts, Artists, Journalism, Newspapers